People to fuckin’ follow:

obsessedxaddict: She got me to be friends with everyone. Kicking serious ass.

tronn-da-bon: I’m biased, because this blogger is either top or #2 on my “biggest fan” list every week.

megatronnor3000: This crazy bitch is the reason I abuse CTRL+F5 on my dashboard. Megatronnor apologises for nothing and gets the haters pissing their panties. If you aren’t a Tronnor shipper before this blog, you’ll become one or die resisting. 

tronnorcroye: Cxnnxr’s an old-school survivor. Prolly the biggest Con fan I know (Next to Ricky Dillon). It helps that I agree with much of his assessments about the important issues that affect our planet (Like Connor’s hair).

Is this the part where I hawk Audible dot com slash connor or the Thirst Project?

Anonymous asked:

WHat kind of Connor fan are you??? Ugh. I've seen what you've been saying about him and implying with these gifs and pictures. You're always so negative and you have nothing nice to say about him. Why don't you talk about how he has inspired many viewers worldwide and donated to charity and also how nice he is?

Because I don’t fall over myself to discuss his face, write up imagines, or make punk edits that 500 people already made…my being a Connor fan is questioned?