Anonymous asked: What makes us believe YOU aren't a hysterical 16-year old fangirl yourself? i seriously want to know because you are just immune to any reasonable dispute or discussion regarding O2L,Connor, or anyone else involved.


Anonymous asked: piece of shiot blog


One can sleep with everyone in town and still be a mathematician, because it’s the thot that counts.

Anonymous asked: Do you think Connor lets Troye cum in his mouth?

Wrong person to ask.

I shall direct you to the right one


Anonymous asked: One of the bitchiest Connor fans there are and that's what you are. Can you stop? Because, Connor never wanted his fans to start fighting each other. By the way, this gay fantasy of yours isn't working. He's STRAIGHT.

Know what else is straight? 


Baby Boomers—> Where were you during the Moon Landing?

Generation X—> Where were you during the Challenger Explosion?

Millenials—> Where were you when Connor Franta left O2L?

I swear, they read my Tumblr for ideas.

Bitchier by the day. When will your fave Youtuber?