Behind every good boy, is a bad boy with amazing PR.


Behind every bad boy, is a good boy with amazing memory.image

While everyone’s crying about collabs, I’m just perched for a tell-all book from a source close to both. (*cough*messagemenowTyler*cough*)

With our luck, Connor would be hawking it on Audible. 

There are times when I think King Ricky is an underrated mastermind capable of manipulating us into doing his every bidding.


…but then…





Hashtag Troyler (A Tronnor One-Shot Fic)

(This is in response to this lovely anon I got…)


                        “Unbelievable,” I called out as I thumbed through some of the tweets my fans have been sending toward me. “Did you see the amount of vulgar shit they keep telling  me? This one kid, can’t be more than 14, is talking about her fantasy of me and her….I didn’t even know roller pins can do that.” Unfazed, Troye just blinked and went through the pantry looking for cake mix.  “Did you even hear me? These children are thirsty,” I said, trying to snatch Troye’s attention.

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