Anonymous asked: Do you ship tronnor or troyler?

Whatever gets me more hate and angry messages. 


One fuckin’ video and there are now Conler shippers? This is a Malaysian Airline-sized wreck. 


Ehm, you have one…

Whenever I see Queen Connor bring out the Audible product placement in his vids:




Let’s start this, because I have a shitload of shit to say.

TROYLER AND TRONNOR SHIPPERS. what in the hell is wrong with you? Really are you okay? Because what I see is a bunch of people getting really upset about a MADE UP relationship. Because guess what? That’s what…

They are in a 3some anyway, so all you nerds are wrong.

Anonymous asked: I don't know why you receive so much dumb hate. You are different than many Tumblr bloggers, but we can't always be ones to fangirl over anything without any further thought.

It’s all part of the fun. Hate is just a shade away from love.


I’m thinking of becoming a Tumblr Social Justice Junkie. Which cause should I bandwagon to look sympathetic champion?

Looks like people are upset about a gif I posted last night, based on a few of my messages.

That’s my cue to post it again:

Have a lovely evening.

Anonymous asked: don't be mad at me, but why is connor and your posts about him still dropped under the "o2l" tag? werent you one of the few happy to see him leave?

King Ricky said Connor will always be 1/6. Since King Ricky is a devout follower of Jesus, I can’t blaspheme against such a saint for risk of lightning.